Esthetic dentistry

Beauty begins with a smile!

Beautiful smile - the card of a successful and self-confident person !!!!!

Beautiful smile - is not only pleasant but also useful. Perfect view of the teeth allows you to feel confident!


Cosmetic Dentistry - a branch of dentistry, aiming to create a beautiful, dazzling smile.

The methods of aesthetic dentistry include: correcting incorrect position of teeth, teeth whitening, professional cleaning, bite correction, performance ceramic veneers, inlays and crowns, removal of spaces between the teeth, as well as artistic restoration of teeth.

  • An effective and popular way: laser whitening. Teeth whitening can help solve the color problem. You can whiten your teeth by returning them to the natural whiteness. whitening procedure takes less than an hour.
  • Diadems And bridges. We use the latest materials for prosthetics, so replace lost or damaged teeth, you get a tooth, which is no different from the present.

In our clinic, "PLANETA MEDIKAL" We use advanced equipment, innovative technology and high-quality, safe and healthy materials and drugs for patients.

We guarantee an excellent result - Hollywood smile shine on your face, attracting good luck and others possessing the heart!