We are pleased to welcome you to the dental clinic "PLANETA MEDİKAL".

Our clinic is the owner of the latest dental equipment and materials. We keep up with technological progress, and provide access to anyone interested in new methods of medicine.

With the help of modern equipment and high-quality materials, the treatment takes place in our cozy and calm atmosphere, and without any pain!

Why us?

  • We will make your smile perfect and beautiful only in 4 days. This includes surgery, extractions, fillings, implants and prosthetics.
  • In our clinic we use the latest nano implants and nano-technology.
  • Implantation is done by laser without gingival incision and no stitches.
  • We are dedicated to the highest level of service and satisfying the most demanding customers;
  • We are a leader in the dental market;
  • We will solve any, even the most difficult, task in dentistry;
  • We use only high-tech and modern equipment, thanks to which the quality of care improves significantly.
  • Individual approach. Each case is considered individually!
  • We are ready to provide professional assistance to patients of any age.
  • During treatment, we provide reliable protection of the individual patient using a sealed kit and sterile equipment.

In addition, it should be noted that the dentist combines a physician’s, artist's, and sculptor’s qualities. As a doctor, he must not only treat, but not hurt, but as a painter and sculptor, he can create a tooth on which you want to put a signature, as do jewelers.

Our professionalism is confirmed by numerous reviews of grateful customers who do not just choose it for their treatments, but also share their recommendations with loved ones !!!